So quickly are we to jump on new trends that brand new tech seems like old news before it’s had a chance to make an impact.

Take AI. You’ve no doubt been reading how AI will change our lives for the last 5 years or more. So far? Well, there have been some high profile demonstrations, and some really interesting applications, but life-changing? Not quite. Not yet.

Plenty of technology has been touted as the next big thing (3D printing? Beacon technology? Google Glass), but had seemingly died without a trace when in reality they’ve found powerful uses in industries that don’t make headlines. They’re not new or exciting anymore, but 3D printing is changing defence and aerospace, while Google Glass has found a home as an enterprise-only tech aid.

“Let's take a pragmatic and realistic look at the future of debt collections in retail banking, and leave the sci-fi to the futurists."

The banking sector is on the cusp of tremendous change, but it’s an iterative change rather than an industry-quaking revolution. So let’s take a pragmatic and realistic look at the future of debt collection in retail banking, and leave the sci-fi to the futurists.

“The point? Tech doesn’t change things overnight. And the next five years of debt collection is not neural networks or quantum computing, it is an evolution, maturity and increasing embrace of today’s disruptive technology."

Let’s look at how the next 5 years will be formed for debt collections. Fill the form below to download the guide.


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