EXUS AI Labs, the R&D department of EXUS, is designing and developing robust and trustworthy AI solutions that allow our customers to leverage the untapped potential of big data analytics across multiple verticals. For more than 25 years, EXUS has gained substantial experience in managing research activities, through participation in numerous European & UK research programmes, while at the same time its debt collections platform has reached best in class status and won numerous awards and accreditations.

Currently, EXUS AI Labs coordinates and participates in projects which have received funding under the H2020 Research and Innovation Programme, as well as national funding schemes such as Innovate UK.

Being at the forefront in Machine Learning technology and AI, EXUS AI Labs has a rich library of publications presented in scientific conferences, journals and academic books. Our most recent publication (accepted to be published in Springer) provides novel and sophisticated AI algorithms for the customer segmentation problem in collections. The main objective of the work is to propose a rule extractor mechanism that facilitates decision makers to recognize the most significant customer characteristics and profile them into segments, hence optimizing the treatment path for each customer segment.