Even though legal processes differ from country to country, EXUS Legal Recoveries is highly adaptable and allows configuration and monitoring of any kind of legal process, including but not limited to Lawsuits, Payment Orders, Court Appeals, Asset Investigations, and Auctions. And all this, performed by end-users without the need for intervention by IT.


EXUS Legal Recoveries supports all operations that take place after collections have failed, either through in-house management or outsourcing to external associates such as bailiffs, law firms, etc. It supports configurable legal processes to facilitate the needs of customers operating under different legal environments and has successfully been deployed in several countries. It provides end-users with visual business process design tools, supports generation & attaching of legal documents, management of payment arrangements, handling of recoveries, collaterals & asset tracking, as well as handling of 3rd party expenses, fees, and invoices.

Key Features

Define legal processes 

define any number of asset or person related legal processes together with statuses you want to monitor

Keep track of critical deadlines

record and receive notifications on upcoming critical legal activities, such as court sessions



Capture Process related information

configure an unlimited number of data forms to record any type of information related to legal proceedings

Collaborate with external lawyers

assign and monitor the work of external lawyers. Manage legal costs and invoices

Multi-level approvals

rule based multi-level approvals for any step in your legal proceedings

Payment arrangements

Rule-based payment arrangement proposals in accordance with the organization’s policy. Simulation capabilities through an advanced settlements calculator, supporting multiple settlements schemes, interest rates, write-off, etc

Assets & collateral management

provides users with up to date, detailed information related to movable or immovable assets and customer collaterals

Legal documents

provides end-users with a template designer tool to design and maintain any kind of legal document template required. Offers the ability to attach documents, either scanned or produced by EFS, in the customer legal file or customer asset

Write-off Management

supports the full management of written-off portfolios by updating claim amounts based on transaction events, such as payments, interest calculation, and expenses. A full audit trail of all transaction events and balances is provided on the customer screen.

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