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EXUS is an enterprise software company specializing in credit risk management, digital transformation services and innovation management. EXUS was founded with the vision to simplify enterprise software, make it simple, accessible and exciting.

With headquarters in London and research & development centre in Athens, EXUS support organisations worldwide to improve their results by introducing simplicity & intelligence in their business processes through state of the art technology.

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We significantly improve the business of those we serve, simplifying complexity to enable intelligent action.

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At EXUS we believe that technology exists to serve people. This means we spend time thinking about how people interact with the world around them; about the cognitive process. We enjoy a workplace where curiosity and ambition are put in service of making software that makes people smarter.

EXUS Collections & Recovery Blog

Gender: Is it sexist to customise your debt collection approach based on sex?

Posted by Marios Siappas
On the surface, the finance sector might seem equitable: over half of the world’s employees in the financial services sector are female. Drill deeper though, and a new picture emerges.
While the gender split, in terms of sheer numbers, is about right, leadership positions take on an altogether more masculine veneer. Women hold only 25% of senior management roles in the global Financial Services industry.
The tech industry, while a bit better, struggles with the same imbalances. In terms of leadership positions, the status of women in the technology sector is roughly on par with the 25% figure present in the rest of the economy.
The effects of this lack of diversity are numerous. Most obvious is the fact that women are paid less and there are many lurid stories of office cultures incredibly hostile to women. But often overlooked is how the imbalance trickles down to customers.
Gender imbalances often lead to subtle biases being implanted in financial and tech products, with default settings being skewed towards male customers. “These little slights add up ”, writes Sara Wachter-Boettcher in her book, Technically Wrong. “Day after day, week after week, site after site — making assumptions about who you are and sticking you into boxes that just don’t fit.”
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