The recent Covid-19 virus poses many challenges for banks when it comes to reaching their debtors. Call centers are becoming understaffed or even shutting down operations, hence disarming the phone call channel. Field collectors are advised to stay at home and therefore no debtor can be physically reached. At the same time, debtors remain and work from home, avoiding unnecessary visits, such as the one to a branch in order to make a payment. We provide a fast and easy to use way to reach your debtors through digital communication channels, using our Collections Self Service and 2-Way Digital Channel Technologies. Deployed either on cloud or on-premise, these technologies allow for the automated communication and interaction with debtors, making it easy for them to have an up-to-date view of their delinquencies and giving them a way to pay without ever leaving their home.


Scale your collections capabilities, not your costs


EXUS Collections Self Service helps organizations scale their collections capacity quickly and cost-effectively through a digital online self-service debt collections tool, which targets specific customer segments proposing alternative debt settlement options.

The substantial improvement in collections results, both in terms of quantity and quality, stems from the familiarity of modern debtors with this new-era tool as well as from the convenience and intimacy of the private experience it delivers

Key Features

Personalized customer experience

Convenience and intimacy of private experience for customers

24/7 availability

You can keep your customer self-service channel open, 24/7, independent of your collection systems

Fast, simple integration, and low-cost, rapid payback

Your organization can have a self-service platform up and running in a matter of weeks

Increased customer contacts

Open a new communications channel and reach more debtors without increased effort

Focus on value-added activities

Free up collectors to concentrate on the most profitable accounts and tasks, driving less responsive or lower balance accounts to self-serve. Offer your customers an easy way to upload documents and fill in income and expenditure forms

Seamless integration

EXUS Collections Self Service works with any core collection system, however, it is optimized for the EXUS Financial Suite, EXUS' best-in-class collections system

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