Debt collections has experienced a revolution in customer service over the last few years. Technology has transformed what used to be a stressful, antagonistic activity into a cooperative, consumer-led one. Consumers carry multiple obligations with multiple providers. Debt products can be extremely complex. And organizations face more competitive pressure than ever, meaning they don’t win repeat business by default. That makes customer service a key competitive advantage—even in the collections business. Today’s debtor could be tomorrow’s repeat customer when his or her situation changes. Debtors are also more likely to settle with the organizations that treat them best. Having a state-of-the-art debt collections software that supports the entire debt lifecycle and provides customer interaction through multiple communication channels is a necessity.


Technology that improves your business results


EXUS Collections, our award-winning debt collections software solution, supports the entire debt lifecycle providing automation of routine processes and tasks and supporting customer interaction through traditional and digital channels. It offers a powerful decision-making engine that is powered by business rules and analytics, incorporating a rich set of metrics without the need of custom development or the need for ongoing IT support. Its high degree of configurability puts you in a better position to meet changing business environment, regulatory requirements and more. 

Strategies & Workflows 

Puts you in charge of your automated decisions

Organizational Structure

Supports centralized and distributed structures

User-defined Data

Extensible database accommodates all of your unique data

User Interface

Intuitive, streamlined, user-friendly

Product Types

Supports retail, corporate and other debt types you require


Rich, out-of-the-box reports coupled with ad-hoc design capabilities



By selecting EFS, you will be able to increase your customers’ lifetime value, reduce total costs to serve and increase profitability, by balancing the needs of the customer with the needs of the business at every customer touchpoint. You will manage to turn complexity into simplicity and reach a cost-effective compliant collections process focused on retaining the valuable customers that are such a crucial part of your business.



“Future proof, rich of functionalities and up and running in a matter of weeks.”



Key Features

access, integrate, and enrich debtor data 

A flexible data import module provides connectivity to many distinct sources in order to build a complete customer profile in collections.

Design and assess strategy

Provides an intuitive strategy design tool that allows business users to quickly design, test, and deploy collections strategies and workflows, without the need of IT. Also includes an integrated scorecard tool, budgeting, and costing module, a champion/challenger functionality, and simulations to enable better desition -making.

360°  customer view 

Configurable agent interface which streamlines collection activities, increasing productivity for the agent and facilitating the best outcome for the debtor

Collaborate with 3rd parties

Seamlessly integrate your DCA's in your collection & recovery process as is they were your own inhouse agents

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