It’s not quite the Rumble in the Jungle, but choosing debt collections software is a heavyweight title fight.

In one corner: your CRM or core banking module. It’s the familiar, reigning champ, but it’s nearing retirement. It’s already implemented in the business and you’ve painstakingly modified it to suit your needs. You’re invested and it’s hard to imagine moving on.

But over the last decade, a new challenger has emerged: specialized collections software has disrupted a stagnant collections market. Not only through simple, beautiful technology, but by careful design that places customers and users at the forefront.

So how does it compare to the bruising power of a general system like a CRM? We compare the two prizefighters, head-to-head.

Here’s the main event: you already know the experienced heavyweight. Banks have long relied on generic systems for debt collections. Now let’s see whether the leaner, more athletic contender can claim the championship in this twelve-round title fight.


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