How EXUS helped SCB innovate and streamline in quick time

Colin Dinn, the CTO of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) - Thailand’s largest retail bank - joined the organisation in April 2016 with a big remit: to build new technological capacity and help create “Thailand’s most admired bank”. Achieving this required a ruthless audit of all of SCB’s existing systems, and for Dinn, a key target was the bank’s existing collections software.

When he was appointed, SCB was nearly three-quarters of the way through a marathon five-year implementation process of a new debt collections system. “The day they fully implemented it was the day I said we’re going to replace it,” he says.

“The rationale behind my decision was that, even with the new system, our collections process simply wasn’t efficient,” Dinn tells us. “Our agents didn’t have a full view of the customers when they interacted with them.”

This lack of visibility is a problem; collections teams need to see the whole of the customer lifecycle to be able to offer the best solution for each individual. A holistic customer view is also vital when testing and measuring new collection strategies.

EXUS’ Financial Suite makes debt collections faster, simpler, and more cost-effective for retail banks.