The last two years have challenged all of us in ways we
could never have dreamt even a few short years ago.

The shock of COVID is still vibrating through the
investment landscape. Global debt rose by $24 trillion in
2020 and is expected to exceed $360 trillion by 2030.

All this and with a new horrific war in Europe that doesn’t look set to end anytime soon and will have an untold impact on global finances.

In this environment, there was always going to be an
increase in non-performing loans (NPLs) as those who
start to feel the pinch are no longer able to meet their
financial obligations.

When we look past the already well-covered regions of the US and the UK, however, the situation is a little less obvious and a lot more complicated.

In an effort to understand how financial services
providers can offer support to customers in the difficult times ahead, we put the spotlight on the current NPL situation in six regions of the world that often go overlooked.

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