Change how you contact & engage with customers for improved Collections & Recovery results.
Collectors’ outdated communication practices no longer work. Consumer behavior has changed, making it necessary for collectors to reevaluate their strategies. Communication takes place over many online and offline channels, not just over the phone. And consumers have the will and ability to vet an organization they do business with.

These online channels handle transactions as complex as paying debt obligations. This means mastering communication is a key advantage for collections professionals. More effective communication with customers improves the amount recovered, customer satisfaction, and collector productivity.

Our free ebook, The Communications Guide for Collections Professionals, will show you exactly how to improve your organization’s communication—with or without debt collection software. In the ebook, you’ll discover:

  • Why collectors need to improve their communication efforts.
  • A step-by-step strategy to help your organization communicate better.
  • The communication channels you need to interact with customers.
  • A communication checklist including an introduction, discovery phase, resolution phase.
  • Tips on how to handle disagreement from customers.
Download the free guide and discover how collectors can communicate like pros.