Join forces for better results with 3rd party portals

The Problem                                     

  • No insight on actual team working on assigned portfolio.
  • No way to monitor agency performance and interact in real time.
  • No means to enforce bank’s contact strategy.
  • Disputes over calculating commissions.
  • Moderate performance of 3rd parties.

The Solution

  • Bank deployed the Outsourcing module of EXUS Collections.
  • Bank offered an online access to each DCA’s portfolio through the web.
  • Each DCA used its own CTI Infrastructure and dialer software, integrated with EXUS Collections in real time.

The Results

  • Seamless integration with all DCA’s,
  • Real time monitoring and adjustment of account handling prioritization.
  • Reduced number of complaints.
  • Fully automated process for calculating commissions.
  • Reduced bucket flow to higher buckets.

EXUS Collections

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