EXUS’ new accreditation for 2021!

We are delighted to announce that EXUS’ debt collections and recovery software (EFS) has met the criteria to become an Arum Approved System. Arum were asked to provide a review of EFS following recent UK implementation projects of the solution. This is with the view of product ratification through the Arum Approved System certification, which assesses if the system meets current and known upcoming industry needs. As a result of this extensive review, EFS has passed the required assessment criteria, showing a number of unique strengths in the Collections & Recoveries system market, such as:

Flexible UI
Modern, simple and intuitive user interface with full client admin configurability within single UI
In System Messaging 
Efficient and useful built-in messaging system across the platform
Integrated Customer Portal
Real-time integration with the EXUS customer self-serve portal allowing various customer resolution actions, such as I&E (Income & Expenditure), Arrangement and Payment options
Advanced Scorecard and Decisioning 
End-to-end champion challenger and scorecard functionality to develop, simulate, deploy, and compare performance
Agency Management  
Rich Ability to configure/parameterise agency performance for commission calculation and posting
Communication Integration 
Integrating directly with client SMTP is effective, along with direct integrations with omnichannel providers for SMS, Voiceblast and Dialler capability

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