Over the past 12 months, debt collections has continued to evolve at a rapid rate. Customers are demanding more flexibility and streamlined service which better reflects the high demands of modern-day living.

Cybersecurity has loomed over the retail banking industry and its debt collections processes for years as more high-profile cyber-attacks continue to hit the headlines.

Debt collections records are very sensitive as they contain a significant amount of financial information about customers. This makes retail banks who offer loans, credit cards and mortgages the perfect target for cybercriminals.

Debt collections is a complicated business. There are many moving pieces to juggle and any number of things that can go wrong. That’s why many banks choose to outsource some of their debt collections operations to third party agencies.

Problems, however, can arise when there is a communication breakdown between banks and agencies, or when there is a disagreement. This is where solutions like the EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) step in to help organisations work together and recoup debts reliably and consistently.

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