EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) Debt Collections

The EFS Loan Collections is a comprehensive suite of software applications that manages credit risk along the whole lifecycle of accounts, from the moment of disbursement until write-off or debt sale. The EXUS Loan Collections helps organisations:
  • Identify and treat credit risk early
  • Perform efficient collections
  • Manage legal proceedings and recoveries
  • Gain detailed insight into portfolio evolution, collections strategies and resource efficiency
Credit risk professionals in 26 countries worldwide trust our Debt Collections Suite daily to improve collections performance. They enjoy the following benefits from EFS Loan Collections Software implementation:

Full coverage across the entire lifecycle

The EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) is a comprehensive debt collections software suite that covers retail, SME and corporate customers across each credit stage, including early risk detection, pre-delinquent actions, collections, pre-legal actions and legal recoveries.

Results you can see

All EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) applications have visual tools that provide end users with unprecedented insight when creating advanced business strategies. These tools also make smart decision-making, intelligent action and increased productivity possible.

Scalable and adaptable solution

Our EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) supports organisations of different sizes throughout the world and complies with different local back-office IT systems, business expertise levels and data availability.

Manage a growing deliquent portfolio, reduce operational costs

Reduce operational costs by automating collections & recovery processes to the highest degree possible, allowing collections executives to focus on improving their strategies rather than executing tedious, non-productive tasks. Apply Risk Segmentation & Collections Scoring techniques, in order to focus resources more efficiently.

Fast, expert and easy implementation

All applications in EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) are pre-integrated, decreasing deployment complexity while providing organisations with a broad credit risk management approach. It’s all implemented by EXUS’ experienced consultants using our unique RapidDeploy™ methodology, a process that, further to decreasing project duration while producing high-level quality deliverables also minimizes the effort required from company personnel.

Test the efficiency of collections strategies

Safely test the efficiency of new strategies before massively deploying them, using Simulation tools and Champion Challenger wizard!
Organisations deploying EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) enter a new operating model, where changes to the collections strategies are applied by authorised end users without the need for intervention by IT personnel. EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) core characteristic is the flexibility provided by its collections strategy visual designer. It enables organisations to be agile and respond to market changes rapidly, in contrast to most organisations using traditional and cumbersome collections systems where changes require the involvement of engineers or, even worse, the vendor.

EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) Debt Collections & Recovery Products

EXUS has continuously improved and enhanced the EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) since its first release in 1997.
Today, our Debt Collections Suite consists of six applications:

EXUS Collections

EXUS Collections incorporates a wide set of tools that support organisations in effectively managing their delinquent customers from the first day of delinquency until abandonment.
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EXUS Field Collections

Ever thought of the costs associated with field collection? How do you ensure your field collectors follow the optimal route? How is that optimal route even calculated? These are some of the questions that we already have an answer for.
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EXUS Collections Self Service

EXUS Collections Self Service scales collections capacity quickly and cost-effectively through an online self service debt collections tool.
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EXUS Collections Analytics

EXUS Collections Analytics is a collections intelligence system that supports strategic decisions, providing a wide list of standard collections reports and KPIs.
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EXUS Legal Recoveries

EXUS Legal Recoveries manages and tracks litigation processes performed after collections have failed.
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EXUS Write-Off

EXUS Write-Off Management is responsible for the calculation of account balances after an account has been written off and is no longer monitored in the core banking system.
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