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Our Solutions

Debt Collection Solution

EXUS Collections supports the entire debt lifecycle providing automation of routine processes and tasks and supporting customer interaction through traditional and digital channels.

It offers a powerful decision-making engine that is powered by business rules and analytics, incorporating a rich set of metrics without the need of custom development or the need for ongoing IT support. Its high degree of configurability puts you in a better position to meet changing business environment, regulatory requirements and more.

Key features:
  • Visual strategy designer which helps you design and change your strategy in a matter of minutes
  • Advanced DCA management allowing for both offline and online work, automatic assignments and recalls, calculation of commissions and many more

Debt Recovery & Legal Management

EXUS Legal Recoveries supports all operations that take place after collections have failed, either through in-house management or outsourcing to external associates such as bailiffs, law firms, etc.

It supports configurable legal processes to facilitate the needs of customers operating under different legal environments and has successfully been deployed in several countries. It provides end users with visual business process design tools, supports generation & attaching of legal documents, management of payment arrangements, handling of recoveries, collaterals & asset tracking, as well as handling of 3rd party expenses, fees and invoices.

Key features:
  • Configurable legal processes and statuses to monitor any customer or asset related process
  • Record and receive notifications on upcoming critical legal activities, such as court sessions
  • Capture process related information through configurable data forms which allow recording of any type of information related to legal proceedings

Decision Analytics

Collections analytics show you where to focus your collection and recovery resources for better results.

Our segmentation engine provides the ability to dynamically define segments of the portfolio, by combining a non-restricting number of customer or account level characteristic, in order to apply alternative treatments to each of them. Support for collections scorecards can help you determine the debtor’s propensity to pay and thus help you define what actions should be done to increase collections, thereby facilitating debt management decisions. For example, using a collection scorecard, lenders can identify those customers who require less interaction, or contact, to prompt payment.

Key features:
  • Scoring tool for the implementation of any behavioral type of scorecard for collections
  • Rule based segmentation engine for portfolio segmentation and optimal treatment of each segment
  • Machine learning for identification of lazy payers, prediction of best time to call and best channel to use and many more

Digital Self Service Collections

EXUS Collections Self Service helps organizations scale their collections capacity quickly and cost effectively through a digital online self-service debt collections tool, which targets specific customer segments proposing alternative debt settlement options.

The substantial improvement in collections results, both in terms of quantity and quality, stems from the familiarity of modern debtors with this new-era tool as well as from the convenience and intimacy of the private experience it delivers

Key features:
  • 24/7 availability
  • Focus on value-added activities
  • Increase customer contacts

Field Collections 

EXUS Field Collections (EFCS) is a software product that enables financial institutions to optimize the field collections process through the use of mobile devices and intelligent routing algorithms.

EFCS is designed both as an integral component of EFS and/or standalone application. Financial institutions requiring a well-planned execution of their field collectors’ activities, may benefit from advanced scheduling with instant updates according to the progress of the field collector staff. Such activities rely on large databases of locations that must be visited without precise knowledge of how long each visit might take.

Key features:
  • Offline work support where network coverage is not possible
  • Real time communication with the backend for receiving status updates and messages from the supervisor
  • Intelligent routing for the optimization of the visit plan

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