What we do

EXUS is offering a debt collections and recovery software that manages credit risk along the whole lifecycle of accounts, from the moment of disbursement until write-off or debt sale, with fast and easy integrations in weeks.



We help organisations:
  • Identify and treat credit risk early
  • Perform efficient collections
  • Manage legal proceedings and recoveries
  • Gain detailed insight into portfolio evolution, collections strategies and resource efficiency
  • Adapt to rapid changes quickly and effectively
  • Have a continuous improvement of your collections processes

Organisations deploying EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) enter a new operating model, where changes to the collection’s strategies are applied by authorised end users without the need for intervention by IT personnel. EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) core characteristic is the flexibility provided by its collection’s strategy visual designer. 

It enables organisations to be agile and respond to market changes rapidly, in contrast to most organisations using traditional and cumbersome collections systems where changes require the involvement of engineers or, even worse, the vendor.

Your Benefit on Multiple Levels
Covers all collections needs (all products, all stages, all modes) with a single integrated solution
Embedded know how and intelligence, insightful business reports and analytics
Easy parameterization and change without coding
Easy and fast implementation through product automation
Exceptional customer service
Focus on customer business results
Independently ranked “best in class” solution

EXUS updates accreditation for 2024!

Arum Approved 2024 Stamp White


XCelent Depth of Customer Service Award



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Case Study

First Bank Case Study

How EXUS’ debt collections software empowered First Bank in introducing and managing a new product portfolio

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