Pancreta Bank has agreed to extend its collaboration with the EXUS Prime offering, providing specialized services that will serve the Bank's strategic objectives. The Bank intends to utilize a fully developed collection solution to manage various portfolios that have been acquired through organic growth as well as the acquisition of other Greek banks. Within the next period, the portfolios of HSBC Branch operations in Greece, as well as those of the Cooperative Bank of Central Macedonia, will be integrated into EFS, allowing the Bank to pursue its growth in the Greek Market.


 Pancreta Bank Chief Operating Officer (COO),  Iro Ferentinou


"In Pancreta Bank we are going through a transformation phase implementing our strategic plan, setting effectiveness at the core of our everyday work. Renewing our cooperation with EXUS for EFS and with the addition of Prime Services will further enable us to reach our goal, rising also to the challenges of the forthcoming absorption of HSBC’s Greek branch "


 EXUS Deputy CEO, Chris Maranis


"It is a great pleasure to be able to assist Pancreta Bank in its growth plans, offering the products and services that will allow the Bank to continue its expansion on the local market. In addition to the initial implementation of EFS in 2015, we continue our collaboration with our customers by offering through our Prime offering the services that our customers require to achieve their goals"

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