The Mauritius Commercial Bank has an illustrious 175-year history of serving customers. But the bank’s leaders also knew they needed to prepare their organization for the future. The collections and recovery landscape in retail banking is changing—and the bank needed to change with it.

Mauritius Commercial Bank needed sophisticated tools, insights and processes to better manage the entire credit risk cycle, from loan origination to delinquency. By embracing the future, the bank set itself on the path of sustainable, profitable collections.

collections and recovery operations

 To do it, Mauritius Commercial Bank turned to EXUS. With EXUS Financial Suite, end-to-end collections and recovery software, the bank gained actionable loan insights and improved recovery performance.

But the bank’s leaders didn’t just choose a product; they chose a partner with more than 20 years of experience in collections and recovery. EXUS provided the superior technology, expert knowledge and fast implementation that the bank needed to boost results and the bottom line.

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