How EXUS helped Sberbank d.d. Improve their collections processes

EXUS works with global banks of all shapes and sizes on a regular basis. We were recently asked to provide a new collections system – our own EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) – for Sberbank d.d, the eighth largest bank in Croatia in terms of local assets and one of the country’s most valuable brands.

Sberbank d.d.’s challenges

Sberbank d.d.did not have a sophisticated collections system in place. It was an outdated legacy system with many processes that weren’t very well documented, so being able to analyse and elaborate on their day-to-day business was proving difficult. Sberbank d.d.needed a smart, centralised platform from which to perform all of their collections.

Sberbank d.d. also lacked reporting software in their legacy system. Before EXUS, they were still using manual reports and Excel spreadsheets. That’s why it was such a major upgrade for them when they migrated their collections systems to EFS.


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