The importance of connecting to a museum or archaeological site during your visit

Storytelling applies to nearly everything we do. Everybody tell stories, from educators to marketers and from politicians to journalists, to inform, persuade, entertain, motivate or inspire. Storytelling becomes an even more powerful tool when it taps into our emotions.
EMOTIVE is an EU-funded project that aims to use emotional storytelling to dramatically change how we experience cultural heritage sites. EMOTIVE works from the premise that cultural sites are, in fact, highly emotional places. Regardless of age, location or state of preservation, these places are seedbeds not just of knowledge, but of emotional resonance and human connection. Drama-based narratives containing a careful reference to a site’s cultural content have the power to transform heritage and museum visitor experiences, encouraging repeat visits, facilitating direct and ongoing interaction and deepening knowledge transfer. The EMOTIVE team has been researching, designing, developing and evaluating methods and tools on interactive storytelling, tangible objects, social interaction and experiential approaches, all combined to foster a deeper emotional connection between the visitors and the sites. EMOTIVE enables creators and cultural heritage experts to collaborate for creating interactive storytelling experiences with rich digital media assets featuring archaeological sites or collections of artefacts. For visitors, EMOTIVE offers emotionally engaging experiences at a cultural site or remotely. Wherever visitors are, alone or in a group, they can participate in experiences designed to foster historical empathy and a deeper connection with the past.
EXUS is leading the integration of the distinctive modules of the EMOTIVE platform and develops the EMOTIVE portal and mobile application from where the produced experiences will be accessed and the EMOTIVE backend which is a support system that brings everything together. More specifically, the EMOTIVE backend acts as storage for the assets used in the story/experience creation and as storage of the created experiences. In addition, it orchestrates the collaborative experiences, by handling the storage of in-game information and the sharing of this information throughout all the devices playing the same experience session. Last but not least, the backend manages user access rights and roles and also provides statistics for each experience or for each participant.
Moreover, EXUS is the EMOTIVE coordinator and therefore responsible to support the team and keep everything moving, in good time, and in harmony. We coordinate the project activities and make sure that they run smoothly, efficiently and effectively. We overview all partners’ work and collaborate with them closely to ensure that all deliverables are submitted within the time schedule. Moreover, we are responsible for all logistics, the arrangements for the trips and meetings, taking care of the EMOTIVE team’s special needs as well as the external guests that participate in the workshops.
Up to now, the results of our formative and summative evaluations’ are more than promising. The feedback from our audience revealed the project’s potential and pushes us forward to make EMOTIVE a powerful tool that will change the way we experience a museum or archaeological site visit.
Some quotes:
"emotionally engage with the display. It took me on a journey. It was clear the difference between narration and fact but made me emotionally invest"
"feel that history became more tangible and it made it come alive. Great!"
"feel more immersed in the story behind the artefacts."
"learned more about the human element to the objects. Brought them to life."
"I thought this was really cool! It ʺbroke the glass wallʺ that separates the viewer from the object in the museum. Really interesting!"
"engage with what makes history. Made me feel a part of it."

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