At EXUS we have deep experience in engineering products and solutions on the cloud. We bring our expertise in building and scaling cloud platforms (Google Cloud, MS Azure, Amazon WS) to our client projects, helping our customers leverage the full potential of Web 2.0 for their business.

Our expert architects specialise in distributed systems, cloud, and enterprise platforms. We help our clients learn how to leverage Salesforce and other cloud platforms, and the big data locked inside them, to seize new opportunities faster than their competitors, and to engage more with customers and partners. Our teams specialise in the deployment and utilisation of cloud-based micro services using either DockerSwarm or Kubernetes architectures.

Rely on EXUS to eliminate excess costs and make the most out of the modern resources available. Our cloud and micro-services expertise allows you to:
  • build applications that can be controlled through a single interface and reduce errors and failing incidents;
  • make use of container technologies and management tools;
  • deploy decoupling, which will provide smaller and simpler apps that result in reduced complexity of large scale applications and more manageable components;
  • reuse components and take advantage of modern messaging and communication infrastructure;
  • choose the right technologies for your project, based on your individual needs and specifications;
  • introduce changes seamlessly, avoiding side effects to other working components;
  • decentralise the data storage decisions.

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