Augmented Reality

Significant technical challenges prevent creative people from creating multi participant location-based experiences due to the complexity and variety of technologies that need be mastered. EXUS has the capability to provide your company a disruptive framework enabling non-programmers to rapidly, create, debug, publish, monitor, and animate mixed reality location-based experiences. Our solutions can benefit creative professionals in marketing, advertising and digital agencies, museums, tourism, local authorities, DMOs, malls, high-street retailers.

Our in-house experts, help you get your experience up and running in no time. Prototype work is lightning fast, while pivoting and scenario editing are seamless. You define your business objectives and our team helps co-define the scenario for the specific experience. We can work with your own creative team or agency, or you can make use of our in-house designers and network of creative and marketing experts.
The experiences we create work as a client framework that is in on-going communication with our cloud-based platform, and principally the Experiencing Engine executing the experience scenario. It is not only an experiencing terminal application but is also acting like a sensing device: it gathers, holds and shares data values addressing the player while he/she is on-site – such as the user’s position, device pose, sensors value, creating context- and location awareness (what’s nearby), and featuring the status of the device as a whole (e.g., hardware status, battery life) that can be exploited by the Positioning Framework or the Experiencing Engine
Experiences run as standalone applications on the players’ devices, allowing them to participate in unique gaming activities. The application can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple app-store. Each experience is designed to support external modules to handle a large number of localization mechanisms and advanced activities such as the Advanced Augmented Reality module.

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