Analytics for Business Intelligence

In todays connected world Businesses are amassing vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. The ability to analyse this ‘big data’ with advanced algorithms underpins their ability to grow and be successful. We appreciate the business of our partners and endeavour to support analytics and optimization activities to help them unlock the power of their data.

We have a fast growing team of motivated Data Scientists and Data Engineers. Each one well versed in different aspects of building and deploying machine learning solutions. We have successfully developed and deployed solutions in the Healthcare and Financial industries and are expanding to BioEconomy and other industry sectors.
EXUS has the tools and the expertise to help you unlock the potential of your data assets and provides consulting services across the analytics spectrum.

Predictive Modeling

It is hard to keep up with the explosive growth of advanced machine learning algorithms. Our expertise in using state-of-the art algorithms from Python, Spark, Tensorflow and H2O enables us to identify algorithms ideal for your problem.

Business Intelligence

Speed and simplicity are of paramount importance when you are looking to draw insights from your data. Through technologies such like Hive and Impala we can expedite analysis and visualization of your data enabling you to reach data based insights.

Product Deployment

Bringing analytics and predictive models to production environment can be challenging even for the most vetted software engineers. Our experienced engineering team can help streamline production deployment of your machine learning solutions.

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Would you like to harness the value of integrated technology to engage your customers, empower your employees and grow your business? Our highly experienced team creates custom solutions for large multinationals, through to SME’s and start-ups. Take a look at our capabilities and use cases to get a taste of what we do.
We are big enough to deal with complex challenges. We are flexible enough to attend to your specific needs.
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