At EXUS, we are not looking for great ideas, we are looking for great problems that need solving.

Regardless of industry or location, in the new world of digital economy successful are the businesses which remain flexible. Businesses that are able to predict customer expectations, redefine the terms of competition instead of playing catch up and utilize platform thinking to get the most out of their partner network. At EXUS, we are an experienced solution provider and innovation leader, who is big enough to solve complex problems and small enough to attend to its customers’ specific needs.

We use our unique Design Thinking approach to REIMAGINE the world for our customers, collaboratively TRANSFORM how they do business and EMPOWER growth and engagement.

At EXUS we focus on the engines of business - employees, data and customers.
  • We help you develop and implement solutions that allow employees to focus on your customers and not your tools. Happy employees are the best ambassadors of any brand and can deliver the most powerful customer engagement.
  • We help you avoid losing opportunities due to dislocated and disconnected data. We implement data analytics solutions which drive insight and which empower your leaders and key business stakeholders to make informed, real-time, impactful decisions, which generate competitive advantage.
  • Customers are at the centre of all efforts in any business. Avoid one off customer transactions. Our solutions aim at customer engagement allowing each relationship to become truly personal, sustainable and profitable. Make everyone of your customer relationships count.
Digital Transformation with Design Thinking

Design Thinking

We spearhead Digital Transformation with Design Thinking. It is the link that connects creativity with innovation, turning our ideas into value. It ensures that any solution is a perfect fit to your business needs and designed around your customers and operational challenges. A process for creating better, more efficient, more user friendly, more beautiful products and services through:
  • Discovery: Empathising to understand the human needs involved
  • Definition: Re-framing and defining the problem in human-centric ways
  • Ideation: Developing and testing multiple ideas
  • Prototyping: Adopting rapid storyboarding and prototyping to demonstrate ideas
  • Delivery: Developing the actual solution to the problem


The ongoing proliferation of digital tools and assets is changing the way businesses interact with customers, competitors, products, and partners. The last 28 years we have implemented solutions for big and small businesses at any point in their growth cycle in sectors such as banking, telecommunication, hospitality, healthcare, insurance, utilities, government, manufacturing and retail.
Each sector and each customer is unique. We want to get to know you, your business and your people and work together to get more from what you already have by mobilising the right capabilities and people from our side.
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Would you like to harness the value of integrated technology to engage your customers, empower your employees and grow your business? Our highly experienced team creates custom solutions for large multinationals, through to SME’s and start-ups. Take a look at our capabilities and use cases to get a taste of what we do.
We are big enough to deal with complex challenges. We are flexible enough to attend to your specific needs.
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