EXUS Financial Suite (EFS)

EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) is a comprehensive suite of software applications that manages credit risk along the whole lifecycle of accounts, from the moment of disbursement until write-off or debt sale. EFS helps organisations:
  • Identify and treat credit risk early
  • Perform efficient collections
  • Manage legal proceedings and recoveries
  • Gain detailed insight into portfolio evolution, collections strategies and resource efficiency
Credit risk professionals in 26 countries worldwide trust EFS daily to improve collections performance. They enjoy the following benefits from their EFS implementation:
EFS is a comprehensive debt collection software suite that covers retail, SME and corporate customers across each credit stage, including early risk detection, pre-delinquent actions, collections, pre-legal actions and legal recoveries.
All EFS applications have visual tools that provide end users with unprecedented insight when creating advanced business strategies. These tools also make smart decision-making, intelligent action and increased productivity possible.
EFS supports organisations of different sizes throughout the world, and complies with different local regulations, back office IT systems, business expertise levels and data availability.
Reduce operational costs by automating collection & recovery processes to the highest degree possible, allowing Collections executives to focus on improving their strategies rather than executing tedious, non-productive tasks. Apply Risk Segmentation & Collections Scoring techniques, in order to focus resources more efficiently.
All applications in EXUS Financial Suite are pre-integrated, decreasing deployment complexity while providing organisations with a broad credit risk management approach. It’s all implemented by EXUS’ experienced consultants using our unique RapidDeploy™ methodology, a process that further to decreasing project duration while producing high level quality deliverables also minimizes effort required from company personnel.
Safely test the efficiency on new strategies before massively deploying them, using Simulation tools and Champion Challenger wizard!

Organisations deploying EFS enter a new operating model, where changes to the collections strategies are applied by authorised end users without the need for intervention by IT personnel. EFS’ core characteristic is the flexibility provided by its collections strategy visual designer. It enables organisations to be agile and respond to market changes rapidly, in contrast to most organisations using traditional and cumbersome collections system where changes require the involvement of engineers or, even worse, the vendor.

EFS Products

EXUS has continuously improved and enhanced EFS since its first release in 1997. Today, EFS consists of five applications:

EXUS Collections

incorporates a wide set of tools that support organisations in effectively managing their delinquent customers from the 1st day of delinquency until abandonment. 

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EXUS Legal Recoveries

manages and tracks litigation processes performed after collections have failed. 

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EXUS Collections Self Service

scales collections capacity quickly and cost-effectively through an online self-service debt collections tool.

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EXUS Collections Analytics

is a collections intelligence system that supports strategic decisioning, providing a wide list of standard collections reports & KPIs as well as a business model that allows for the design of reports by end users.

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EXUS Early Warning System

supports organisations in applying sound credit monitoring practices and preventing credit risk, rather than reacting to its occurrence

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Gartner Loan Collection Analysis Report

Gartner for EXUS Financial Suite

EXUS’ debt collections software was recently profiled in Gartner’s report “Loan Collections Systems Technology Analysis” as being the “best-in-class”.
The report is the first ever global technology analysis of loan collections systems by an industry analyst firm. Fifty vendors were considered in the preliminary phase, with fourteen vendors selected for the final evaluation report.
Gartner’s analysis and comparison framework employs a large number of metrics which are grouped into 4 categories. All vendors were scored in a scale of 1 to 5, while top performers are identified in each of the 4 categories and awarded the title of “Best In Class”. EXUS has been identified as “Best-In-Class” in 3 product categories. It should be mentioned that no other vendor globally did achieve such a performance.

Case Studies

SEE bank improves contact rates and decreases service cost per customer using EXUS Collections Self Service

The problem

  • difficulties to reach customers during working hours,
  • strict regulatory restrictions were applied in terms of how often the debtor can be contacted.
  • when customers were contacted, collections agents found it difficult to propose on the phone complex repayment schemes and many alternative options for debt restructuring.
  • some debtors felt uncomfortable having such discussions with the bank’s agents on the phone

The Solution

  • bank deployed new EFS product : EXUS Collections Self Service,
  • bank offered a 24*7 on line service to debtors for settling their debts, with all settlement / restructuring options available for reviewing without the “pressure” of an agent
  • debtors get detailed information per offering and select the most appropriate for them,
  • debtors may also provide qualitative data (i.e. reasons for inability to pay).

The Results

  • decrease in the number of customers that cannot be reached,
  • decrease in the cost of service per customer
  • increase in acceptance rate of settlements options.

Join forces for better results with 3rd party Portals

The Problem                                     

  • No insight on actual team working on assigned portfolio
  • No way to monitor agency performance and interact in real time.
  • No means to enforce bank’s contact strategy
  • disputes over calculating commissions.
  • moderate performance of 3rd parties

The Solution

  • bank deployed the Outsourcing module of EXUS Collections,
  • bank offered an online access to each DCA’s portfolio through the web
  • each DCA used its own CTI Infrastructure and dialer software, integrated with EXUS Collections in real time,

The Results

  • seamless integration with all DCA’s,
  • real time monitoring and adjustment of account handling prioritization
  • reduced number of complaints
  • fully automated process for calculating commissions
  • reduced bucket flow to higher buckets

EXUS Collections

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EXUS is working with the following international partners. In case you are interested to come into contact with an EXUS Partner or to become an EXUS Partner, please contact us through info@exus.co.uk

Luxoft - Bright Minds Sharp Solutions - Logo

Luxoft (NYSE:LXFT) is a global IT service provider of innovative technology solutions that delivers measurable business outcomes to multinational companies. Its offerings encompass strategic consulting, custom software development services, and digital solution engineering. Luxoft enables companies to compete by leveraging its multi-industry expertise in the financial services, automotive, communications, and healthcare & life sciences sectors. Its managed delivery model is underpinned by a highly-educated workforce, allowing the Company to continuously innovate upwards on the technology stack to meet evolving digital challenges.

Being established in 1992, YAZ Information Systems has launched its expertise in the finance sector with Core Banking Software, and has subsequently extended to other fields by developing turnkey projects with a main focus on the Financial Institutions, on business process management and tailor made software solutions for organizational efficiency and business process automation. With it’s 23 years of informatics sector experience and within the motto of changing the rule of the game, Yaz has structured it’s Organisation to position around 90 properly skilled employees among 3 main departments Banking, R&D and Operation.
YAZ continues to expand its structure together with it’s International Partners who are selected as the best of breed solution providers, targeting the purpose of providing sophisticated software and development related technologies in perfectionism to it’s selected clients. YAZ understands you Locally and meets your requirements Globally.

MCB Consulting Services Ltd (MCB Consulting) is the consulting arm of the MCB Group, one of the leading financial institution in East Africa. MCB Consulting comes from a banking environment with extensive end-user knowledge as well as consulting exposure. MCB Consulting offers first-hand experience, having implemented and used a number of best-in-class applications in countries with differing legislations and jurisdictions. Whist our scope of intervention is multifold, we focus primarily on ensuring that the three pillars of an organisation – people, process and technology – are in tune towards supporting the overall business strategy.

Infosistem d.d. has been present in the field of information technology ever since year 1959. Due to the knowledge and experience of its employees and experts, Infosistem has become a valuable and desirable partner and as such a natural choice and support for leading companies. Infosistem´s reference list shows that its clients are spread not only throughout the entire Croatia but also in the other countries of the region of southeastern Europe. Infosistem has clients in several business sectors, ranging from banks and financial institutions, through large public companies and institutions to large enterprises and smaller business companies, with various business lines
               Al-Falak Logo
Al-Falak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Co. is a leading IT and communications solution provider that has continuously been ranked by Arab News as one of the top 100 Companies in Saudi Arabia. With over 35 years of experience and operations throughout the Middle East, the company is focused on delivering complete End-To-End solutions
                 Lotus - Loans and Overdues Rescheduling Services Logo
Lotus Loans  is a UAE based consultancy licensed by Dubai Economic Department offering Counseling in Debt Management, Financial Restructuring and Consolidation of liabilities to Individuals, SMEs and Corporates.

Collections Resource Kit

Explore our Collections Resource Kit and download all the essential tools for Collections management!

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EXUS Collections & Recovery Blog

Local issues, regional problems for debt collection in APAC

Whilst APAC presents a potentially lucrative market for businesses and investors when it comes to debt collections, unfamiliarity with local legal systems and taxation – not to mention some antiquated collection practices – has led to some serious challenges. As a result, debt collection in the region has become notoriously tough.
Indeed, in a recent Euler Hermes report that assessed local payment practices, local court proceedings and local insolvency proceedings, the region was found to have the largest number of countries with a 'severe' debt collection complexity rating.
So, why is the region lagging so far behind? And what can be done on a local level to help assuage the more widespread difficulties? Let's start by examining some of the countries involved.
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