Out-of-the-box debt collections technology for banks, utilities, telcos and financial services

The Product

EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) is a comprehensive suite of software applications that manages debt risk along the whole lifecycle of accounts, from the moment of disbursement until write-off or debt sale. EXUS Debt Collections helps organisations to:
  • Identify and treat credit risk early
  • Perform efficient collections
  • Manage legal proceedings and recoveries
  • Gain detailed insight into portfolio evolution, collections strategies and resource efficiency
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Collections Guides

The Cultural Considerations of Collections

“Money is a lot more than just a means of exchange or a store of value. It carries cultural weight, and as you move across cultures, attitudes shift quickly”.
Getting that right is one giant leap towards improving the performance of debt portfolios.  Click here to Download the Free guide!

The Psychology of Debt Collections

Debt collections has experienced a revolution in customer service over the last few years. Technology has transformed what used to be a stressful, antagonistic activity into a cooperative, consumer-led one. Find out a few ways how you can combine psychology with technology to build a truly successful collections operation.

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The Collections and Recovery Best Practices Manual

This Collections and Recovery manual is designed to help you improve, streamline and optimize your collections operations along every stage of the loan cycle, using the best practices on the market. Download our presentation to find out more.

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View our collections resource kit and download our guides and white papers for free.

International Partnerships Program

Become an EXUS' partner and expand your solutions portfolio with our industry-leading debt collections software.
We develop partnerships with leading IT companies and consulting firms around the world. EXUS’ partners are certified and trained by us and act as trusted advisors and support providers of our EXUS Financial Suite (EFS). 
In the Partner Listing page, you can see our current partners and find information about how to become one.
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