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YAZ Bilgi Sistemleri and EXUS Teamed up to Offer Innovative Debt Collection and Recovery Solutions to the Turkish Market

The volatility in the Turkish credit market urges financial institutions to take pre-emptive actions to protect themselves against risk exposure. As Moody’s recently pointed, the slump of the Turkish Lira could have a negative impact on credit delinquencies.

To optimize credit processes and recovery of delinquent debt, Turkish Systems Integrator YAZ Bilgi Sistemleri, and EXUS Ltd have announced their partnership, establishing their cooperation on the Turkish market for collections and legal recoveries of credits, targeting national Turkish banks as well as asset management companies.

EXUS Ltd approached Yaz because of their long standing banking experience as a developer and implementer of core banking solutions and collection systems. Yaz was also evaluating a number of alternatives for their Collection System offering, and after a thorough evaluation of Software Architecture and Design as well as internal processes and projecting methodology, selected EXUS as their Collection System Provider.

Michael Melachrinidis, CEO at EXUS said: In Yaz Bilgi we found a partner with a unique blend of analysis, engineering, and development skills and a drive to deliver enterprise solutions to the Turkish market. Yaz has the agility of an independent software vendor, coupled with a strong sales network, experienced in the financial services sector.

Osman Serit, General Manager of Yaz Bilgi Sistemleri said: Yaz selected EXUS because of “it’s very strong focus and expertise on Credit Collection and Recovery”. This would constitute a key complement to the wide range of financial software products and services that Yaz has been providing to the regional market for more than 20 years”.

About Yaz

YAZ, Information Systems has launched its expertise in the finance sector with Core Banking Software, and has subsequently extended to other fields by developing turnkey projects on business process management and outsourcing, organizational efficiency and business acumen skills. YAZ was founded under the name of Mardata in 1992, and concurrent with changes in its shareholder base, it was renamed Baysis in 1994 and then YAZ Information Systems and Trade Company, in 2002. Among our clients are medium and large-scale corporations, banks, holding companies, consumer financing companies, private finance institutions and telecommunication corporations. For the purpose of making sophisticated software and develop related technologies in perfectionism, YAZ continues to expand its structure in the Techno Park site of Istanbul Yıldız University.

For more information, please visit http://www.yaz.com.tr

About EXUS

EXUS is an international enterprise software company specializing in credit life cycle management. EXUS was founded with the vision to transform the complex software industry making it simple, accessible and exciting. EXUS’ products have been designed through a deep understanding of customers’ needs and in line with its purpose to simplify complexity and enable intelligent action. EXUS is supporting financial organizations and telecom operators around the world to improve their credit risk management efficiency, increase confidence in their strategic decision making and achieve success in demanding and competitive markets.

For more information, please visit http://www.exus.co.uk.