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EXUS sponsors the 6th Infocom Mobile World conference

EXUS is sponsoring the 6th Infocom Mobile World conference that will take place in Athens on Thursday April 21st at the Divani Caravel Hotel. This is the definitive Mobile Products and Services industry event, organized by SmartPress, bringing together top professionals to discuss the latest trends and industry’s future.

Dr. Dimitris Vassiliadis, EXUS Director of Innovation, will give a presentation of EXUS newest service platform “altaguest”. altaguest is an innovative, codeless, cloud based, Guest Management Platform enabling Hoteliers to connect with and empower their Guests through fully dynamic & customizable native mobile applications (iOS, android). With altaguest, Hoteliers are able to redefine guest experience, promote their in-house services, hotel and destination, expand marketing opportunities and thus increase their revenues.

EXUS has developed altaguest leveraging its extensive experience in building highly complex web and mobile services

The presentation will take place at 15:00. For more information on Altaguest visit www.altaguest.com or contact us at info@altaguest.com

For more information on the 6th Infocom Mobile World conference, please visit: http://www.mwc.gr/en/